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Issue while changing pages in some forums

  • Not sure how widespread this is but it has happening to me pretty consistently today. Sometimes while trying to go to the next page in a sub-forum, it takes you right back to the first page. You see the page for a second and then it just snaps back to page 1 for whatever reason. This is happening for me while using the mobile version of the site from an iPad.


    @CamxxCore I noticed it a couple times as well.

  • @CamxxCore I get this quite a lot as well, especially if I go through the category view.

    I can go into a category, click on the page 2 button at the bottom and instead of going forward, it decides that it's going to keep you on the same page and highlight a particular post in blue. Then it will let me go forward a page.

    I think the highlighted post is the one you last viewed but I don't know why it would show you that again, especially if you didn't comment in it.

    This is on the desktop version, so it sounds like a problem common across all versions. Although typically, as I try to make the problem happen, it won't... sod's law. :D

    Edit: Aha, gotcha... although this was on page 1, so it didn't stop me from moving on a page this time.


  • @LeeC2202 TIL Sod's law is the same as Murphy's law. Except a bit more ominous... Why do you Brits have to be so depressing? :laughing:

  • @CamxxCore said in Issue while changing pages in some forums:

    Why do you Brits have to be so depressing?

    Because we're all so depressed... nowt to smile about in this hole of a country. :D

    To us though, Sod's Law simply states that if you try and demonstrate a problem, it will only occur the minute the person you are trying to demonstrate it to, leaves the room, or turns their head.

    We used to get it a lot with the old CRT TVs. You'd call out the repairman to fix the persistent fault you'd been having and it wouldn't happen while he had his hands in the set. The minute he drove off in his van, the problem would return.

  • @LeeC2202 Ah yes, the story of my life xD

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