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Real Ads (Compatible with LA Roads) 0.4

  • Hi guys!

    This mod replaces the ads on the real Los Santos. Besides advertising textures now better quality than the original.

    alt text

    Mod replaces the ads on the real in:

    \\\\\\Version 0.1\\\\\

    • Airport

    • list item Port (Elysian Island)

    alt text

    \\\\\\Version 0.2\\\\\

    • Downtown( Pillbox Hill)

    • SanPedro

    • Central (Davis,Strawberry, la Puerta , Rancho)

    • Little Seoul

    • Added automatic installation

    alt text

    \\\\\\Version 0.3\\\\\

    • Hollywood( Sunset Blvd, WV,Alta, DV, Havick, Vinewood)

    • Beverly Hills

    • Santa Monika(Del Perro, Vc)

    • Added Patch for compatible with LA Roads by cryhd & maybach123 v2.0

    alt text

    \\\\\\Version 0.4\\\\\

    • La Mesa

    • Cypress Flats

    • District of Mirror Park

    • Murietta Heights

    • Metro

    • Country side

    • Some SuperLods

    alt text


    At this moment, I changed the basic advertising in the game (95-97%), in the next versions I'll look for the rest of the advertisement, and also I will change the textures of signboards / textures on small objects (for example a bottle of beer), names of companies on buildings and other textures, Which are not real

    Next will be more interesting!

    alt text


    Main mod page.
    Alternative link(Sharemods)


    Installing with the Package instaler( OpenIV) ( 1-3 min)

    Recommended mods

    L.A. Roads [OIV] 2.0 by @maybach123 / @cryhd

    If you find bugs, please contact me @Fis or email Markorambaldi@gmail.com or write in this thread.
    Also , I open to suggestions)

    I hope you like=))
    Sorry for my english=))

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