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Redux and DOF, and motion blur

  • Just got Redux and the Ultra present...

    But holy shit there is hundereds of lines in Timecycle file that has "dof" and "blur" in it, I want it ALLLLLLLLLLLLL to be off, how the heck can I make that happen?

    I already tried the "options" zip, but when I put in any of the options, it replaces the whole timecycle so it "resets" from the Redux one, and then half the point of the mod goes away

    How do i disable BOTH motion blur and DOF, easily?

  • @totte1015 If you disable those parameters in the Timecycle files, you can't to use the DOF in game. If is annoying for you, just deactivate DOF and motion blur intensity from the game Graphics options.

  • Timecyclemods1 and search for nextgen
    then change dof to 0

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