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  • It would be really great if you guys make a mod like Most wanted 2012 Vehicle Repair. Like if I'm in pursuit and I want to repair my car I have just to go through the gas station and poof! My car is automatically repaired. It would be more fun to travel than open trainer and repair my car.

  • 24 Views and no response.?

  • @aryan-manmeet To be honest, I have seen requests get 3 or 4 times this many views and get no responses.

    I actually think this is quite a good idea, it's not something I would want to write but the idea is pretty sound. What I would say though is that it would require significant and tedious research to find the locations of every gas station and to mark out trigger points in those gas stations that you would have to drive over to make this happen.

    So whilst the idea may attract someone, that level of research and coordinate tracking will put many off. Now if you don't mind a bit of tedious research that may or may not encourage someone to be interested, you could do that part of the task.

    You would need to use either Map Editor, maybe Menyoo or perhaps even CodeWalker. You would have to go around the whole map, find every gas station, find the locations you would have to drive over in each gas station to trigger the effect and log those coordinates as X, Y and Z values and maybe a radius that you have to be within to trigger the effect.

    With Map Editor you could drop markers and then save that as C# code, not sure what Menyoo saves and I don't know if CodeWalker saves anything at all. You could also save a screenshot of each gas station showing the markers in place and where they are on the map.

    It's a lot of work and has no guarantee but it might just be enough to tempt someone to just take on the fun part of the task, without having to do the unpleasant side of things as well.

  • @LeeC2202 What if I give you every gas station coordinates? Will you make it? I like roaming around in GTA 5 😀😀

  • @aryan-manmeet I don't do public script modding any more, just for my own personal mods, sorry. And as I said in my first post, it seems a good idea but not one that I would want to write.

  • @aryan-manmeet If you give me the coords I can probably make it. No promises, but sounds simple enough.

    @LeeC2202 May sound far-fetched but why not get the coords of all the props that have a gas-pump prop and get the location at run-time. And not hard-code the coords

  • I like the idea as well, but in MW your car color changes too. ;)
    So I would prefer the feature from Rivals.

  • @AHK1221 said in [SCRIPT​] NFS MW 2012 VEHICLE REPAIR:

    May sound far-fetched but why not get the coords of all the props that have a gas-pump prop and get the location at run-time. And not hard-code the coords

    The last thing you really want to be doing, is scanning for multiple props at run time. A prop only registers as being present if it is on screen, so you have to be in the local area to find it. I had the same issue when I was scanning for CCTV cameras for a mod I had planned on doing. I ended up having to send a remote camera off across the whole map, collecting data as it went. Then using those pre-fetched coordinates in a data file.

    You have to collect all props, filter out the ones you don't want, process the ones you do want... it just eats up CPU time and gains you no real benefits.

    Hard-coded data is faster to work with, easier to manipulate, faster to distance sort etc... It takes a huge load off the CPU that can be better used by either other routines in your own mod, or by other mods. You can also more precisely control where those trigger points are and ensure that you have to be in the right place to activate them.

    If you collected multiple gas pump props, you would have to start calculating midpoints to make sure you were passing between sets of pumps and not just passing near the outside ones. In a double or triple lane garage, that starts to mount up. You also have to check that you're not calculating midpoints between pump props that are paired together.

    The way I always work, is if something never moves, store the location... if something moves, scan for it.

    Edit: I knew there was a relevant picture for this. Take a look at this post https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/37/map-wip-real-california-architecture/281

    Notice how the pumps are spaced? Pretty equal spacing between those on the same side and those across from the other side of the dive-thru area. So you're either collecting 6 pump props (assuming they are props) and calculating 2 drive-thru points, or storing 2 drive-thru points.

  • @V4D3R Bro the prob is that if i customize my car and change paint too, i dont want to change the car colour

  • THANKS TO @AHK1221 He make that mod.

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