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What do I need to start making custom vehicle models?

  • Hey, I would love to start making my own vehicles, like using dev vehicles and adding parts to my own liking. Are there any prerequisites? I have a good computer, some time, and not that much money. What programs do I need and stuff?

  • @TheLoneWolf293 zmodeller, and you have to pay for that. I don't know how expensive it is. Maybe a good program for textures if you want. I recommend paint net. There's probably other stuff too, but these are what I know about. Zmodeller cost is why I've not made anything yet.

  • @Namie243 Ok. Thanks!


    Zmod3 is a little shy of 5$ a month. Little less if you pay two or three months upfront.

    Time, patience, willingness to be frustrated...

    And ofc unlocked models from IV and/or even more patience to do a proper conversion from sources like FM4, FH3, pCARS, Assetto Corsa etc

  • @ReNNie Ok, there is a dev Tahoe released on lcpdfr.com that is high detail, and I would like to throw my own light bar on it, and other stuff... First thing I need to do is see if it doesn't have that distance bug where it dissapears at a certain distance, while the wheels and lights are still there, but when you get close again, the body re-appears.

    So is that the stuff that I can do where I take unlocked models and customize them? I know how to texture already...

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