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New GTA 5 update April 25- How to backed up your game using Rage Plugin Hook

  • Rockstar announced next DLC tiny racer April 25. Learn How to backup your GTA V game using rage plugin hook before the next Rockstar update. This way you can revert your game after the update. Alex Blade does a great job updating Script hook V but it does take him a few days.

  • @Luis12304 i hope people can benifit.

  • @Luis12304 remember, it's also important that after they backup the game and try to play, it's important to start the launcher without internet until the game loads so that there is no auto update.

  • I'm getting tired of these constant "updates".

  • @V4D3R i agree. You should only have to be forced to update your game if you play online. 75% of us on this site probably dont care for online play.

  • What really pisses me off is that Steam/Rockstar forces an update down our throat and NOTHING is released for Story Mode. So people like us, who don't give a rats ass about Online and only play with mods in Story mode are penalized with a broken game until there's a fix for scripthook

  • @Luis12304 RU kidding me?!? Most people on this site cannot even be bothered to look at a comment above their own, let alone go to a forum, and find a helpful video to make their lives easier, LOL. They would rather demonize Blade, until an update arrives, and then suddenly he is their hero deserving of a humanitarian award, and praise from Jesus himself.

  • @eshenk pretty loud opnion I'd say.

  • @FoxtrotDelta It's the truth, actually

  • @V4D3R Yea sadly it is.

  • @eshenk I'm not mad at anyone but Rockstar, I'm not pressuring Blade or anyone else to "get the update faster". Its just is what it is, and Rockstar sucks...that was only my point... Sorry I ruffled your feathers.

  • @vendetta1969 No feathers ruffled here. My response was pointing to a different issue, and it wasn't anything to do with R* updates. The truth, unfortunately, is that there are just WAY too many idiots who do not seem to recognize the pattern by now (R* updates frequently) and a simple easy way to get around these tiny inconveniences. Me and others have tried to help every time an update occurs, and far too little can be bothered by our assistance - they just want to bash the very mod authors who make it possible for them to even mod their games, EVEN when a simple solution around these inconveniences are right at their fingertips.

    Don't blame R* for doing what is in the best interests of their shareholders, which is also in our best interests, don't blame me and other''s who have written responses on how to fix shit when it breaks with every R* update, feel pity for the fools who cannot be bothered to listen to those of us who have consistently offered help/guidance/tutorials, just to be ignored, and the whole sequence of "Alexander Blade is an evil monster, when shit is down, but we suddenly love him when he updates his program to make our lives happy? Two years of this shit, and it's always the same. When is enough, enough, already?

  • @eshenk I understand, okay we're cool. ::grinning:

    I'm almost at the end of my 2nd month as having GTAV for the PC. The first couple of weeks were not very productive--I installed and reinstalled several times until I got the hang of how to install mods without breaking them...

    The updates are okay, I like new stuff that'll eventually get modded into the game from the online portion... I also very much appreciate the modders who bring me fun and exciting mods to screw around with in GTA V story mode. Without them, I probably would be on the PS4 in a public lobby getting murdered by griefers.

    I am now taking advantage of the backing up not only using the steam app but also using the Rage plugin. I've had two updates and both caught me by surprise but this time I am hopefully well prepared.

    Also they are quick and getting the mods back up and running, I think, I'm actually amazed they're up and running with new updates from Alexander and the others within a handful of days.


    Is there even an update forthcoming?! Grand Theft Auto V Title Update Information

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