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White colors ingame have become a very bright reflecting light... Any fix? [Solved]

  • Hi, recently i have had an issue with white colors as they have become a very bright reflecting light, its very annoying because at times i can barely see anything. does anyone know a fix for this?






    here are some images to give you an example.


  • @MoeMoe woaH~ must be a mod you installed remove that. or do an integrity test on your game. verify integrity.

    Edit: could also be a trainer menu settings :P

  • @MoeMoe that looks like something a visualsettings.dat file will do. Do you have any graphics, enb, reshade installed?


    Actually things like in pic #2 I also see when I use a <LightSettings> value that does not work correctly on the chosen car

  • @FoxtrotDelta Would car mods or billboards cause this issue? because thats all i have done recently, car mods and billboards. I checked the trainer settings and found nothing. and when i try to verify i get this msg:


  • @MoeMoe verify integirty via steam client. it should not launch the game. it should just verify. it . and no, a car or any mods like boat aircraft, peds won't cause it. most likely as above good people said, reshade, visualsettings or just a courpt file somewhere. i suspected trainer settings.

    if you verify the integrity of the files. it might solve the problem. after integrity test is done and files downloaded if it still persists. it means its something wrong inside the mods folder.

  • @MoeMoe

    From the Library section, right-click on GTA V and select Properties from the menu.
    Select the Local files tab and click the Verify integrity of game files... button.
    Steam will verify the game's files.

    It won't affect files in the mods folder.

  • @FoxtrotDelta Alright, i am doing that now and i will delete my trainer and install again, thanks and ill post the results.

  • @V4D3R Thanks for guiding me to it fast, doing it now, ill post results when done.

  • Yep there was 1 corrupt file. However, the steam update did not fix it, what i did was extract "visualsettings.dat" from the original GTA V files and pasted it in my Mods folder to replace the "visualsettings.dat" thats on there and it fixed the issue.

    Thank you everyone for your replies and help, much appreciated!

  • so @Willief23 & @ReNNie Both were right. Glad you got it working. i'll tag this as solved. and lock it now :) have a good day.

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