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graphic crash!!!???

  • 0_1492761038869_20170421154526_1.jpg

    my game sometimes become this

    Does anyone know bout this? what cause this happen?

  • @DANIELCHIA its called texture disappearing. This is caused by having too many addon cars as replace cars. Or too many high quality texture replacements. So for example you have a lot of high quality weapon mods, lots of graphic mods or texture replacement mods. I used to do addon cars as replace cars in game but the game cant handle that many high quality high poly count cars so the roads/buildings etc disappear and flicker on and off. Put the original cars back into the game if you have replaced them and stick to only replacing 3-4 cop cars. Sometimes a better gameconfig will help but it will only help out for awhile then you will have the same problem again. Try this gameconfig its one of the best gameconfigs on this site.

  • @Willief23

    thank u i will try this Gameconfig.
    i replace all emergency Vehicle. but no other cars!~
    thats weird. Because almost my hardware r useing the top3 one.
    so i though my hardware can handle this...

  • @Willief23
    is this gameconfig support Add-On cars?
    i use the CHP Add-On Pack

  • @DANIELCHIA its the game that cant handle all the extra high quality stuff. Your pc has nothing to do with it. It has to do with the limitations of the game design and the game itself.

  • @DANIELCHIA yes my gameconfig will handle hundreds of cars plus ped addons. If you learn how to put several cars into a big dlc car pack then the gameconfig will allow 1000+ cars.

  • @Willief23

    great! i m going to try it!
    thank u for your amazing help! let me try it!
    and if i still got some problem i ill let u know!!
    and ask for your help AGAIN!

  • @Willief23 0_1492768490309_20170421175311_1.jpg

    it still happen the same thing......damn!~

  • @DANIELCHIA do a fresh install of all mods, sometimes the files gets corrupted i had to reinstall my mods and then no more glitches like the ones you are having.

  • @Willief23 algiht!~ mods~ i did reinstall my update.rpf few days ago

    u mean include plugin???

  • @DANIELCHIA nope just everything in the mods folders, scripts folder should you shouldnt have to touch.

  • @Willief23 can u check my crash report? my game just keep crashing

  • This post is deleted!

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