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[SCRIPT] K-9 Units / Police Dogs

  • Dunno how feasible something like this would be, but I always thought it would be awesome for a script to give NPC cops the ability to sic canines on the player much like actual police would utilize for a fleeing suspect. Paired with mods that force the police to use stunguns and nightsticks so long as the player fights melee-only I think attack dogs would definitely give us a run for our money.

    There's many ways you could think to script something like this in, but the simplest I thought would be something like.. "if <police ped> is exiting <police car>, and player's wanted level is 2 stars or more, add a small random chance to spawn a hostile dog ped nearby that's prompted to kill the player immediately."

    This would make back-alley foot chases and gunfights with the police much more heartpumping as well because the dogs could catch you off-guard or at the least run much faster than you, like a different enemy-type introduced altogether. I don't think there's German Shepherd skins in the game but the Rottweilers (Chop) would suffice if a script like this is considered. Many thanks in advance if it is.

  • @TheLoneWolf293 Nah, that only includes a glorified dog bodyguard as an ally. Which is cool and all, but I'm talking HOSTILE police dogs, that attack you when you're wanted by the police and not playing as them. I don't use LSPD:FR and mainly play as a criminal fighting the police in SP. I'm fairly certain no one has done this request before.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Zippo-Raid What? Like the random AI robbers and stuff? I don't get how you can get into chasers besides story mode missions without lspdfr...

  • @TheLoneWolf293 I mean default GTA gameplay. Commit crimes, fight police, get wasted, repeat. Would be awesome to face off against enemy K-9 units as well as standard police peds.

    @11john11 Sounds cool, wish you could say more.

  • @Zippo-Raid Oh, hell yeah that would be fun!

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