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How To Connect A Trailer To Modded Vehicle?

  • As it says above, how? is it possible?

  • Yea, just as long as it says in the mod itself, and if the original replace vehicle could.

  • what about addon Vehicles?

  • @JayAK907 that is all script my friend... tell me the mod that you are wanting, and I'll see if it can be used. If it doesn't have a "tow" line in the vehicles data, I can add it but it will take me a day since I have school. Link the mod that you want to use, and then mention me in your reply so I know when your ready.

  • There is a "tow mode" with the Menyoo Mod, however this isn't using a trailer & hook obviously.

  • @JayAK907 you can add a trailer to any addon vehicle. You have to edit the addon cars data under vehicles.meta search for <flags> line and add FLAG_ATTACH_TRAILER_ON_HIGHWAY FLAG_ATTACH_TRAILER_IN_CITY

    then go down a few lines to <trailers> and add <Item>name of trailer model here</Item> you might be able to add a car name there and see if it works. so it would look like <Item>rubicon</Item>

  • @Willief23 Thank You Willie.

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