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needing help my GTA 5 won't mod the cars using open IV

  • I have been trying to put the cars back to way they were after I had to reinstall the rockstar social club and after I did now my game won't let me mod the cars in the mod folder its allowing other mods in the mods folder to work scripts and all and I checked and rechecked 5 times everything seems to work in the mods folder I use the mods folder for the police cars and yes I use the ELS police cars I even checked with the modders of these vehicles and everything is up to speed but when I use the Open IV to redo my police cars again it still has the vanilla police cars and I did put them in their right places as follows.


    now it shows in each spot that its in there and everything was done correctly and when I spawn them using a trainer they still show up as the vanilla police cars except the police cruiser 1 is all messed up with no light bar I need help with this problem please and thanks and god spead

  • I forgot to mention I have the 7 disc set retail version

  • @TR71777 go in advance search option, write the name of the car in search bar, press enter, then check each car model yet file who's name shows up, double click and see what open if shows, chances are you are missing a location and that location is being used by the game , once found you can change yfts there and cars will spawn in game

  • @TR71777 Put them in the latest patchday dlc file. Or if you have any law enforcement mod, like RDE, replace the model files in that dlc.

  • @FoxtrotDelta I have skype and team viewer is it ok I can contact you? its still acting up I had to redo the files again like you said and still the same I was wondering if you be willing to take a look?

  • @TR71777 sorry I am currently working on something and won't be able to come in Skype or team viewer for a while.

  • @V4D3R hey bro is there a way we can contact each other I have skype and team viewer if possible?

  • @TR71777 I don't use any of those, sorry.

  • well i did what you all said for some reason its still doing it but ill keep trying and I put all the files where its supposed to go correctly and still the same?

  • 0_1492900752216_20170422_152557.jpg 0_1492900780695_20170422_152534.jpg

    well as you can see I did everything correctly and I never had this problem with replacing police cars until now I don't know if its the game itself or open iv not working write or what is and I have the same folders of the files that I am trying to use as last time and it never did this before I need help with this I did everything that was told to me please help thanks and god speed

  • sorry for the poor pics but when I use the computer to take screenshots during the game they go black. so I had to use my tablet to take the pics.

  • @TR71777 Might be worth installing this http://www.fraps.com/download.php

    That will let you capture screenshots from any game and it's free. Can't remember if it puts a logo on the screen with the free version but it's easier than using a tablet. :slight_smile:

  • @LeeC2202 thanks bro again your awesome and I still don't know why it is doing this on my game but this never happened before when replacing police cars I always put them in their respective folders to where they go to spawn in the game and such but now its doing this and I don't know if its the game or open iv

  • @TR71777 from the screenshots it looks like a ytd error. Either you forgot to add the 2nd ytd of the car model for example some police cars have police_hi.ytd file and a regular police.ytd file. So you either forget the police_hi.ytd file or when you replaced the original police car you forgot to delete the hi.ytd of the original car which is more likely the problem. Some of the original police cars have 4 files for it and the new police car your adding only has 3 files for it.

  • @TR71777 I can't offer any help on the problem I am afraid, I refuse to replace anything in the game as I just don't trust what I would be replacing them with.

    All I use are addons... which isn't much help to you with your problem.

    Did you try copying the patchday14ng folder to your mods folder and then putting these replace vehicles in mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday14ng\dlc.rpf\x64\levels\gta5\vehicles.rpf ?

  • @Willief23 There's a sultanrs+hi.ytd for example, that has a + sign in the name, is that the file you mean? I think the _hi are the yft files.

  • @LeeC2202 yes thats what i meant so for example police2+hi.ytd i was going off memory.

  • @Willief23 I didn't forget to put it in all I had in the file that I downloaded were the files that came with the download I just put in their respective folders and it never did that before till now

  • @TR71777 but your only reading half of what i said. Say your new police car only has 3 files. And say your replacing police 2 or police 3 car files see how the original car has 4 files for it and then the new one only has 3 files. You have to delete the extra file from the original cop car which is usually the police2+hi.ytd. I can tell from the pics its caused by a ytd error or one of your car model files is corrupt. Thats the only 2 things that can cause the weird glitches on the car model.

  • @Willief23 ahh ok hey you got skype or something like that ? I would like to speak to you on this as well I mean like I said I did everything I could but ill see if that works if not ill let you know

  • @Willief23 hey bro I did what you said and its still doing it I even took the whole vanilla model out and did a total replacement its like the Open IV isn't reading the mods folder at all?

  • does anyone know why its acting like this I did every step that everyone has told me and for some reason Open IV isn't reading the mods folder it reads the main files of the game in the archive but not the mods folder I'm still getting the vanilla police cars man this has never ever happened to me before it never did this before.

  • @TR71777 3 questions...

    1. What car are you replacing? (The GTAV model name)
    2. What are you replacing it with? (list all the files in the mod, ytf & ytd files)
    3. Where are you replacing it?

  • @LeeC2202 um how do I post the files of the vanilla police vehicles and the modded police vehicles?

  • @LeeC2202 I am replacing them in as follows.

    those are where the vanilla police cars are located at for me to replace them and to see them in game in traffic but now for some odd reason its not reading the mods folder.
    I did put them in the right spots and I even took out all the vanilla police vehicles and replaced them with the real car versions of them.

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