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Addon cars and missing map parts, is there a connection between the two?

  • This is something I have only recently noticed happening, so I don't know how related it is to the recent update.

    As you can see from the image below, the right side images are missing map components that are visible in the left side. Does anyone know of any issues that can cause addons to affect the map like this?

    alt text

    I only use addons and I only ever spawn them one at a time. I will list my settings in case anything stands out from them. I should add that my game takes on average 2 1/2 minutes to load off an SSD. It is the retail version so there is some pre-launch verification going on... but sometimes it takes 50 seconds for the first intro-screen to appear.

    Video Memory: 3600 MB /8191 MB
    Ignore Suggested Limits		<On>
    DirectX Version			DirectX 11
    Screen Type			Fullscreen
    Resolution			1920x1200
    FXAA				Off
    MSAA				x4
    VSync				On
    Population Density		100%
    Population Variety		100%
    Distance Scaling		100%
    Texture Quality			Very High
    Shader Quality			Very High
    Shadow Quality			Very high
    Reflection QUality		Ultra
    Reflection MSAA			Off
    Water Quality			Very High
    Particles Quality		Very High
    Grass Quality			High
    Soft Shadows			NVIDIA PCSS
    Post FX				Ultra
    Motion Blur Strength		Zero
    In-Game Depth of Field Efects	On
    ANsitropic Filtering		x16
    Ambient Occlusion		Normal
    Tesselation			Very High
    Long Shadows			On
    High resolution Shadows		On
    High Detail Streaming		Off
    Extended Distance Scaling	70%
    Extended Shadows Distance	0%
    Frame Scaling Mode		Off


    @LeeC2202 As I can see on the last image, there's an object with missing textures (it's using low LOD's). If you're using your own program to take the pictures, try to take the same ones again without it and with the same vehicles to see if it keeps happening.

    I experienced a similar issue with the "Ingame Screenshots" mod by Jedijosh, where some parts of the map were missing while using it, but they're present without the mod active.

    And yes, spawning Add-On vehicles sometimes costs memory performance, depending which vehicle did you spawn and where.

  • @Reyser Hmmm, that's interesting to know... I wonder if they have changed something in the camera code in the last update. I've had my camera mod for a long time now and this is something I have only just spotted happening. What I could try saying that, is to go to the same location in one of my older test versions (of the game, not my mod) and see if the same problem happens in there.

    I know there are quirks with the cameras you create, like the environment doesn't update the same with regards to the shadows... which actually gives me another idea.

    When my camera mod is between presets and the screen is faded out, I quickly switch to the game camera so that it can update the lighting and then I switch back to my camera to display the image. I wonder if a slightly longer pause after switching to the game camera will allow things to load properly. Then I can switch back to my camera and fade everything back in... hmmm.

    You might very well have sparked some useful avenues to investigate there... thank you. :slight_smile:


    @LeeC2202 Okay, let me know the results of your tests on older versions, to learn a bit more of game bugs :P .


    When activating the "Ingame Screenshots" mod by Jedijosh it also always looks to me as the reflections change when it's activated.

    But on-topic, I suspect it more to be something in Auto-Snap than in the specific Add-On's indeed.

  • Okay... so here's what I know. My older versions are in Windows 10 and I have two versions. 678 and 877... they give me a nice spread with the 1032 I have in Windows 7.

    678 is running an almost identical config to my Windows 7 build, QuantV, ENB and Simple Trainer. That showed no problems even with Extended Distance set to 100%

    877 is running a 100% vanilla build with just Simple Trainer. That showed no problems, also with the Extended Distance set to 100%

    Scripts folders across all three versions are indentical. Addon dlcpacks across all three versions are identical... actually, not true, 678 has an extra car pack and 101 motorbikes as well.

    There wasn't even the slightest hint of delayed items being drawn, even while driving around and that's something I see all the time in my Windows 7 build. And considering both of the old versions are coming off a standard HD and my Win7 build is coming off SSD, that's quite disturbing.

    The only other difference is that Windows 10 sees all 24GB of my RAM, while Windows 7 only sees 16GB.

    So I have to consider that this is either Windows 7 related, or latest version related. Not quite sure how to narrow that down without adding extra versions to either OS.

    What it does prove though, is that it isn't mod related (Auto-Snap that is)... which is one positive thing to come from it.

  • I have also just reverted my AHCI drivers to the standard Microsoft Ones instead of the Intel IaStor drivers as well... see if that makes any difference.

    I still have some more thumbnail images to collect for my car spawner anyway, so I will be doing more testing tonight... more news as I have it. :slight_smile:

  • @LeeC2202 This happens a lot to me when driving around in the cars I am testing when done with them, and afraid that it might be because of the memory I need to give the cars to run since they are usually over ~6mb. To make bigger cars run in-game I need to set a so-called "base value" where I give the game more memory to run - which in cases could probably cost performance. I will take a deeper look into this!

  • @Zievs That might be something I need to look at and I am more convinced that this is something that has become more of a problem since the latest update.

    I actually had it last night switch in a lower lod for a vehicle and wouldn't change back. In all the hundreds of screenshots I have already taken, that hadn't happened before and all that has changed is the last update.

    I even went through my photo-mod last night and made sure that there were no new instances being created during run-time, of any variables. I also added waiting periods to try and let scenery load but none of it really helped.

    I sat watching process monitor to watch the memory and it was nothing out of the ordinary. I think this has to be down to a game setting, I just need to find out what that setting is. I am starting to wonder if there is an issue with the game not disposing of tuning parts that have been spawned with a vehicle. All the cars have working tuning and I have had multiple addons cause a memory crash when they are spawned together, so I think there might be a connection there.

    Earlier versions seem perfectly stable... I think the game is just getting more and more on edge, the more they add to it.

  • Rage engine uses memory limits by default (from its low level programation apparently), so with high detailed models and textures, the game to keep the framerate start to discard the non essential game objects in screen (usually world props) to free occupied memory. Same issues happens in other latest generation games with modded HQ models added.

    With screenshot mods, the screen capture functions in the game can overload the actual frame buffer, activating the memory dumping to discard non essential objects in screen. I think that is the same issue when sometimes we want to record a clip of gameplay and just are recorded 30 seconds, and in the next recording clip, the game crashes by an overload of objects in memory from the first clip.

  • @LeeC2202 what GPU you use.

  • @gtaenthusiast 1080GTX

  • @LeeC2202 average fps you get?

  • @gtaenthusiast Not sure, I have it locked down to 29.977 fps through ENB to keep it stable.

    I did a benchmark when I got the card, before I started using ENB and QuantV and it was anywhere from 80 to 110 average but highs and lows seemed to vary wildly above and below those numbers at times.

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