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All of my mods stopped working since last update of scripthook(9 of april)

  • right now i can't play any mods,i have the last updated version of scripthook, i tried reinstalling the game but still doesn't work,help me thanks

  • thanks everyone for the help,really like this site now

  • @blackmatt02 Sad to see that no one responds to you for 1 month.
    Hmm, some mods may not work after the Latest Game Update
    Pretty sure that Scripthook has nothing to do with it. Lasso mod for example, it doesn't work after a game update.

    • What is your game version if i may ask?

    • Also can you take a screenshot of your script folder?

  • @blackmatt02 Well... you didn't really give any information. Can you send a screenshot of your GTA folder?

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