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[Tutorial] How to Fix Modkit ID / Tuning Error

  • @Theoasterix nice, you're welcome :)

  • @dsawdsaw Thanks

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    @LeeC2202 @dsawdsaw

    Now that i have used all empty ID's from vanilla upto 255, how am i suppose to use tuning ids for rest of addons? Are there any useless cars in mp___________ vanilla DLCs? Do you have that program ready?

  • @akram you can disable dlcs and delete all the vanilla tuning kits and that will free up even more ids for you to use for your addon cars. for example disable patchday13-15 dlcs.

    Edit: the easier way of deleting the modkits for the vanilla cars is to go inside carcols.ymt and search for <kits> and delete anything from id value of 1 and up. you will need to keep the ones that have an id of 0.

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    So all I do is remove or replace id value="0"

    Do I have to change:

  • @dsawdsaw Hello, I'm doing a car and the tuning makes the same problem, but there are no ids working for my car... Does it work in the last version ?

  • @Theoasterix
    try to change numbers of meta.
    no problems yet, on my v1.40 (1.0.1103.2) ^^

  • @dsawdsaw In the carcols and the carvariations ?

  • @Theoasterix yes you have to change the modkit id in both carcols.meta and carvariations.meta files. Now if you really want all your addon cars to have all their ids working then do what i did and find carcols.ymt under x64a.rpf and search for <modkit> under that section delete all the ids higher then 0. You want to keep the ids that have 0 in them. Once you delete all the ids that are 1 or higher the vanilla modkits wont work anymore but the modkit ids of all your addon cars will now work. Along with any headlights and lights that werent working before on your addon cars. MAKE sure to make a backup copy of the original carcols.ymt file.

  • Thanks alot, i will always remember where to go if i need a help solving something, thanks one more time and stay awesome

  • This post is deleted!

  • @dsawdsaw have this list of cars i added last night, which all cause my 205 gti to stop showing tuning parts.

    I presume all the ids translate to 135 in some way using 8 bit, as the 205 uses 135.

    I removed all but 1 of those cars and tried changing the ids as you suggested but it made no difference, I cannot get the 205 tuning parts to show at all with any of the following vehicles installed even if I change their ID to 136 or 138 or something.

    stanier5 (offroad stanier)

    <id value="989" />



    <id value="199294002" />


    p928 (Porsche 928)

    <id value="2817"/>



    <id value="936" />


    lcala (lambo cala)

    <id value="135" />


    frs2 (ford rs200)

    <id value="135" />



    <id value="5043" />


    Not sure what to try now, but for now all those cars are out of my folder and the 205 tuning parts are showing fine, i even have like 140 cars installed before the 205 and non of those seem to conflict, seemed only to be cars i downloaded after the 205 cause issues with the 205, does this make any sense ? I am not quite sure what to make of it.

    I can see that the gta id system is pretty messy and confusing in general.
    Just don't understand why i cant use the 205 tuning with any of those cars installed even if i completely change the ids as you suggest.

  • @dsawdsaw method 2 saved me. thank you so much!!!

  • @Theoasterix but in what file you did this "a110s_aileron1 = Race Spoiler" to make name of tuning part?

  • I have a problem with one of my cars is putting these numbers doesn't work the same you only see a few pieces.

  • Currently having the same problem. I was using the Boywond, Annis ZR-380 and the modification was working for awhile, but after installing another add-on vehicle it stopped working and I've been changing the modkit IDs using the numbers provided and none of them seem to get the modifications and tuning to work. I don't know if I'm missing something or doing something wrong.
    The original Modkit ID was 888 and the addon car I had installed was also from Boywond.

  • Hello everybody .
    someone would have found a solution to the problems because none of these values ​​are not working now

  • Sorry for the bump, but recently been looking into an issue with an addon vehicle missing it's mod options in a frameworks vehicle modification script (QB-Core and QB-Customs)

    I've been told by one vehicle developer that sells addon vehicles that the number has to be 4 digits, however talking to another one that has been around a lot longer, it doesn't matter what you put there, could be 4444, could be 334984893728943 as long as the number is unique and doesn't conflict with another vehicle?

  • @Bayrain I have a lot of diff. numbers some 6 digits. still works. Remember to change both the numbers in carvariation and carcols, if you have carcols, some files dont have it.

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