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ReShade v1.1.0 assistance on DOF settings


    @LeeC2202 you've asked me about the settings I showed yesterday?
    These (Mediafire link) are my current SweetFX.cfg presets for ReShade v1.1.0.

    It's basically Soongae's ENBseries 1.0 combined with presets from Tet's Preset Pack 4.0 and Nobody's VisionV.
    But then altered to fit my taste... so, toned down overall effect-strength and added Luma Sharpening, MSAA and FXAA.
    The way I've set this up enables me to easily disable or change different sepia, tonemap and filmic pass intensities.

    I'm mix-and-matching these presets all the time with the timecycles like QuantV, VisualV and MakeVisualsGreatAgain

    I do have a question tho, @Kwebbl ?
    I'd really like to be able to play with the DOF setting (stored in McFX.cfg) some more.
    For instance the distance where the DOF starts in and the strenght of it (eg set to half of the current DOF blur).
    Driving around town with this heavy blur isn't really attractive.
    But each time I change DOF_FARBLURCURVE I get red lines and errors on ReShade immediately?
    Haven't experimented with porting code from a different set and import that into this one... might give that a try someday?

  • @ReNNie said in ReShade v1.1.0 assistance on DOF settings:

    These (Mediafire link) are my current SweetFX.cfg presets for ReShade v1.1.0.

    SweetFX? I think I installed that into a PES demo a few years back and then banished it from my PC. Looking through the presets screenshots on the SweetFX website made me weep when I saw all those black levels being crushed and all that contrast being wiped out mercilessly... I couldn't bear it :D

  • @ReNNie You shouldn't use the DOF in 1.1 at all. It's bullsh*t. You should change it in timecyclemodifier_4 I think. With the QuantV standalone trainer you can do that while ingame.


    @LeeC2202 hahaha true

    @Kwebbl sure enough but QuantV's stand-alone graphic trainer interferes with Ingame Screenshot by jedijosh. Hmmm...

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