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Problem with headlight with BMW and Mercedes Mods

  • Every BMW or Mercedes mod that i put in game stay with a light red color in the taillight and it doesn't seem normal. There is a way to fix it? Thanks and sorry for my bad english!


    @kirawp that red dot color is called a corona. You could use this script: Corona Begone

  • Thanks for the advice! But i mean the glass of the headlight is ligh red

  • @kirawp i have yet to see anyone else with that problem. Are you using any graphics mods? ENB, reshade etc?

  • @Willief23 No! i only play on 4k

  • @kirawp what mods do you have installed then? script mods, plugins etc? There is something you have installed making your headlights have a red tint. Or you talking about the tail lights with a red tint while being turned off? Because alot of car moders have red tint texture added to their tail lights.

  • @Willief23 yeah, actually it is the tail lights! I only have the car mods! I tought this as well, but it happens in every single car that i've downloaded, just one or two stayed normal. The diference between a original car and a BMW mod, for example, is massive.

  • @kirawp open up the dlc.rpf of the addon car you have and click on x64 folder then vehicles.rpf. Now hit edit mode once vehicles.rpf is opened up you will see 3 or 4 files inside here, open up the file that has .ytd at the end. You will now see alot of textures that is used on this car model click on each one going down the list till you see one with a small red box. This one is usually responsible for the red tint on the tail lights. So first you want to click export selected and pick a folder to save the file to. This way you copy the red tint texture to another location just in case. Because next thing you are going to do is delete that red tint texture box. The delete bottom is in the upper right corner. Make sure you have the red box still highlighted on the list before you hit delete or you will delete another texture and have to reinstall the whole dlc.rpf over again. After you delete the red box hit save and now test in game to see if the red tint is gone.

  • @kirawp sometimes the file will be called red or tint. If you dont see something like this inside the ytd file then its something else that causes the red tint. And will be harder to fix because you will need to edit the texture yourself.

  • Can i do the same for replaced cars?

  • @kirawp yes, if you have an addon car that you made into a replace car you just have to find the model name of the car you replaced and find the ytd file and search through it. If its a vanilla car(original game car) it usually doesnt have red tint textures with it.

  • Thanks so much! problem solved!

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