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How To Convert Cars From GTA SA To GTA V?

  • Hello GTA V Modders!

    I really want to start converting GTA SA models into GTA V, but I just dont know how to do it :(
    Thats why I made this post!
    I do know how to download a model from a site like www.GTAAll.com or www.gtainside.com.
    But after I unlock the model (with RWAnalyze) and I got the textures (with TxDWorkShop), I just dont know what to do after that.... :(
    Now I have tried to follow the tutorial from Game68240, but that one is in French (and I am not French) so I can't really follow that one :(

    So here is what I (and I think a lot of new people on this site want, from somebody that converts cars from SA to V) to:

    1. Tell us, step by step, mabye with some photo's, how to convert cars from SA to V.
    2. Make a video, if it is possible in English!, and show us there how to do it (mabye in parts, mabye just one long video)

    I really think this helps a lot of new people that just starting making mods/converting cars!

    Thanks Already,

    RBNBRyN //EkkoStoleMyRolex//

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