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Can Someone Make Models From Scratch

  • Can someone make some models from scratch without buying

  • @AndrewZommer Building models from scratch is a time consuming process and what you are paying for with bought models, is the time of the artist.

    To build a good quality, fully optimised model is not a quick task and if you want bought quality, you might very well end up paying bought prices, or very close to that at least.

    You're probably looking at a couple of weeks work (if not more) to get a complete model, properly built with interior, LODs and full mapping... with a full set of textures.

  • if someone builds a 95 trans am with the swordfish front bumper and two fog lights from scratch, id donate 200 bucks. and it better be exact, as i owned a 95 i know exactly where every screw and rivet is. already donated 80 bucks for the ws6, which is a great donation considering forza did most of the work already. i know im always straying off topic but i somewhat stayed on the topic just included some of my own op's here.

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