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[VEHICLE] Lifted 1997 K1500 Z71

  • If someone could make this truck for me that would be much appreciated, I'm not sure if this will help at all but i found this website which already has the model i am looking for: 3D Model

  • @Doge762 beggers cant be choosers, try offering a donation. takes alot of time to convert vehicles. what makes you so special to get one of your choice for free?

  • also if you tell me your only 12 or 10, for one the game is rated M so you should be atleast 18. for two if you actually are that young and you have no job. you can grab a rag from your parents drawer, and go house to house and ask your neighbors if they want there trash cans scrubbed out, or yard worked needed like racking leaves. do four houses for 20 bucks each = 80 bucks. You kids if you are one, have ways to make money, sitting on games all day will not get you money.

  • not here to be a butthead buddy, just trying to motivate the lazyness in people that take others for granted.

  • @icebox84 man you're one salty bastard, you need to take it easy and stop portraying me as such a cynical person. Never once did i ask for someone to go out and spend their own hard earned money on a model for me for free, And you can blabber on with; "well you're inferring that someone does it for free". The point is; either help out or not, don't go around spreading your salt everywhere. Thank You.

  • @icebox84 requests are requests. if someone has time or interest for this mod. they can make it for free. there is nothing wrong with Requesting a mod here. it totally depends if someone is available, interested or not. i have made 50 mods only 4 were donation mods so far. and i know many others who make em for fun and at times free.

    @Doge762 & @icebox84
    Please avoid offensive comments. thank you. this goes for all community members

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