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Weird Quirk When Modifying Names in global.gxt2 File

  • So I installed the Real World Names for Everything mod and while it's great, it doesn't quite cover everything (understandably so).

    So the parts that I do catch, I go ahead and change them myself. For example, I replace certain cars in-game and the real-life counterparts don't quite match up to the car manufacturer (e.g. Karin was turned into Toyota, but the Karin Sultan is more like a Subaru Impreza IMO)

    Because of this, I basically did away with the manufacturer names altogether and in the actual model name, I just put 'Subaru Impreza.' This way, it doesn't show up as 'Toyota Impreza.'

    So I noticed that these equal signs (=) started showing up and I'm not quite sure why. I deleted the equal signs near the corresponding manufacturer, but they still show up in-game. Anyone know why this is happening?

    I should also point out that this disappeared when I installed the original mod and changed a few names again. But after changing a certain number of names in the file, the '=' shows up again

    Also, if anyone knows how to get rid of the 'comma' at the end, that would be great too lol

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