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Just thought of something really crazy....

  • I was just looking at my profile pic, and thought of re-texturing Michael to be me! How funny it would be to see me in-game, "living the dream, baby", LOL.

  • Wouldn't be that hard, but I think the model of the face would have to be edited to look like you. I thought of this as well...

  • @eshenk Lol I remember this Farukh (i really dont remember now) mod back in GTA 4 which was basically a retexture, and its purpose was to make Niko look like himself IRL.

    A retexture only wont cut it. You'll require at least SOME model edits.

  • @AHK1221 I will do these myself, and then upload for all to use. How exciting: the entire mod community can finally be me!

  • @eshenk I don't know if that was sarcasm.... but ok..

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