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GTA V Jaggies Worst Ever!

  • Clearly the game was not well optimized for PC, but the jaggies are absolutely insane. I am tired of being distracted by "marching ants". It never seems to matter what you do to try to get it under control - downsample to 2.5 X nope, DSR to 4K nada, crank MSAA to 8x forget about it. Granted, I play on a 40" monitor about 3 feet away from me, but still the jaggies are just SO over the top.

    For issues like this, I have learned to search for solutions outside of what can be done with in-game settings or what can be done through nVidia Inspector. Here is my latest find -


    Anyone tried SMAA? Going to test this out Today.

  • @eshenk Who even uses GTA V's anti aliasing? It's horrible. Use the AA from Nvidia Control panel, if you have a Nvidia card. It's much better.

  • @V4D3R I tried that - MSAA I think it's called. nVidia claims it to be more efficient, but that does NOT mean better quality. From other gaming forums, SMAA is crowned king of all anti-aliasing methods. You might not notice it as much, if your monitor is much smaller than mine.

  • @eshenk I would choose SMAA over MSAA any day. And yeah, mine is a 27" 2160p monitor.

  • @V4D3R It's weird because it seems to be especially bad on things like parking spaces - those painted white stripes literally sway back and forth, up and down, vehicles are equally as bad, while other structures like houses or buildings are hardly noticeable. I am going to install SMAA, and turn everything else off, and see if it can do what all other settings, card or in-game, can't do.

  • @eshenk Just wondering, what's your graphics card?

  • @V4D3R nVidia 1070

  • @eshenk You'll have no performance problem with SMAA then. :slight_smile:

  • @V4D3R I hope so. Then, I still have to get the pop-in under control. In the Countryside, it is nearly non-existent, but in the City, entire roads disappear, and when the cops are on my tail, it makes it hard for me to figure out where is safe to drive without crashing into objects that have not yet loaded, LOL.

  • @eshenk What's your monitor's resolution? Like I said, mine is 2160p, and I barely get 30 FPS. My card is a 1080.

  • @V4D3R Set to 1920 X 1080, but down-sampled by 2.5. I tried DSR to 4K but that appeared no different than having it down-sampled at 1080P.

    What is odd, is that I do not remember this to be such an issue when I had the Titan, before it crapped out last Summer. The Titan had 2 Gb less vRam, but is it possible that the Titan had better processing capabilities? I mean, it did require MUCH more PSU and it was a 1000 dollar card when I purchased it. Also I boosted my CPU to an i7-4970k. The only thing I can think of is that I know play on a 1000 RPM Western Digital HD versus the SSD I was playing on back then, could that really make THAT much more of a difference? Also back then, I had more vehicle replacements than I do now.

  • @eshenk I don't get texture disappearing issues, and I have quite a few add-on vehicles.
    Please let us know what happened after you install SMAA, I would like to know.

  • @V4D3R said in GTA V Jaggies Worst Ever!:

    Who even uses GTA V's anti aliasing?

    That would be me... I think. :blush:

    I have so many AA settings in so many locations, I have no idea what's being used and what isn't. I have the enhanced AA in ENB, I have SMAAx2 in QuantV's Reshade and I have MSAAx4 and Nvidia TXAA in-game.

    For the first 12 months of owning GTAV, I had AA turned off, completely.

  • @LeeC2202 You use TXAA? It's pretty bad, you know. In some games it looks better, but not in GTA V.

  • @V4D3R I will, AND I will share another find - something you add to your registry that tells GTAV to access large page files. Another find I found in a gaming forum that did appear to improve FPS. Possibly placeabo?

    Below is a benchmark I did when I first got my PC running again with the new 1070 -

    Frames Per Second (Higher is better) Min, Max, Avg
    Pass 0, 10.916396, 45.551987, 16.720253
    Pass 1, 10.645457, 61.579998, 14.657242
    Pass 2, 14.603735, 62.994968, 19.008213
    Pass 3, 16.474119, 62.433826, 23.795610
    Pass 4, 11.259315, 66.553932, 17.824759

    It certainly can't be any better since I have increased ped and traffic densities a bit more since then. Need to do another benchmark, and watch in horror, as I witness absolutely shit results, LOL.

    Edit: Yes, initially TXAA with MSAA X 4, then turned it off.

  • @V4D3R I read TXAA helped with the AA on moving textures, so I turned it on.

    I have spent nearly all my gaming life playing without AA, so I don't really understand it... so I used to leave it off.

  • @LeeC2202 In my game all the AA settings are turned off. :slight_smile:

  • @eshenk Hmm.. what graphics and monitor do you run? I have a 1070 and an I7 6700K, but a cheesy 60hz monitor and trash ram.

  • @TheLoneWolf293 These questions have already been answered above, 1070, i7-4970k, 16 Gb DDR3 corsair vengeance mem, 850 W EVGA PSU, 1000 RPM WD HD. Gonna install SMAA as it apparently does what other AA methods cannot, and then report back my findings. Oh yeah, 40" monitor, 3 feet away from me, LOL.

  • @eshenk Alrighty haha

  • I don't get these AA settings. I have just tried to set everything in the Nvidia Control Panel, turned them all off in the game settings and get this as the end result.

    alt text

  • @LeeC2202 are you trying to say you cant see any difference with it off and with it on in your pic? I can see the difference in the lines of the car with it on without even opening up the pic to get the full size. Better and smoother lines with it on. Also did you try turning those coronas in the headlights to all 0s?

  • @eshenk do you have LA roads installed by chance? I know that mod will cause lots of disappearing road textures. I used to get disappearing road textures like you when i turned my addon cars into replace cars. Usually around 28-34 ish cars replaced with the high quality addons would make the roads disappear or flicker on and off. Also im assuming you have alot of textures replaced with higher resolution ones. This too will cause the roads to flicker on and off.

    I have noticed sometimes that if you get rid of your whole mods folder and start over from scratch with the same exact mods except only take out 1 or 2 mods. The game likes this and you wont have texture problems. When I was making my car pack that has 128 cars in it. I noticed since I was constantly adding new cars or modifying the ytds since I was changing tail lights to be red instead of pink or orange color and adding colors to gauges or interior pieces that files would randomly get corrupted. OpenIV will randomly make files corrupted especially if you are replacing them alot.

  • @Willief23 No, what I am saying is that if I turn the settings off in-game, then they turn off AA completely. I don't understand how to get the AA working without having them turned on in-game.

    The picture was just showing my control panel settings to show that the settings were being overriden by it, yet seemingly also being ignored.

    I sorted those headlights by giving them a different ID. That made them appear in the right colour, in a better position. It was the default ID of 100 that seems to have been the problem.

  • @LeeC2202 It is because you don't have a method selected for how AA will be applied by your card. Looking at your screenshot, you should see you can use either FXAA or MFAA, which are both turned off. As an aside, I did try using ONLY SMAA in a sweetFX preset I found, and the jaggies look like a moving escalator, LOL. Back to the drawling board.

    @Willief23 I removed a considerable amount of replacements, and have my vRam capacity operating at just below 50 percent. I am noticing that the pop-in is occurring more and more as the game progresses. I am using RDE, and your gameconfig for multiple fixes - I am using the first option - the one you said you use in the read me. I am not using any addons other than what comes with RDE. I compared RDE game config with yours, and used yours instead, as all values in yours were above RDE's. I am using about a half dozen car replacements. No LA roads, but all real billboards some are doubled in resolution over vanillas. Could there be values in your game config that are utilizing too many resources that aren't even needed, and thus leading to issues with pop-in? I ask this because I have about 4.2 Gb VRam to spare.

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