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Custom dlc help

  • Hi i am creating a dlc packs, it use to work before but yesterday when i went in game the game just crash. I narrow down to the carvar, handling, vehicle meta line crash it, without it the game work fine but i need it so i can have addon vehicle. @Zievs is you are reading this then please help me @Spitfire7 send me here when i ask if he can help. Thank you

  • Believe me, You have typos in any of these files, find&fix them and everything will be all right!

    Nobody will search them on your behalf, I have about 4-5 multi-vehicle add-on packs (which contain about 100+ cars) and once I searched for a typo for 2 days, in the end carefully examining every single line (5x vehicles.meta + 5x handling.meta + 5x carvariations.meta & etc.)

    Not cool stuff, when You have to examine such amount of lines, but it is the only fully legit way, to get Your add-on pack working again...

  • @GamesisoverB1tch Hello B1tch ( haha :P ) I saw your message, but I did not have time to answer or even read it because I am very busy with all my stuff. I will try to help you ASAP ;)

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