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[RESOLVED] Can't upload picture for profile on forum

  • Well I'm trying to change my profile picture,
    and got this error :
    " Invalid Image extension "
    I've try different format (PNG / JPEG / ETC) but don't seems to work ;S

  • @Shaezbreizh Are you sure the image is actually a PNG/JPEG and not something like a BMP simply renamed? It's not just about the file name but also the encoding of the image. If you want to upload it somewhere else and send me a link, I can check it out to see what's going on

  • @rappo Well I'm almost sure yes ;P also it was working on main website so that strange ;S will retry

  • @Shaezbreizh Is it for your profile picture (avatar) or the cover image at the top of your profile? I though I've disabled profile picture editing... can you take a screenshot of how you're doing it? :slight_smile: I need to fix a bug where profile pictures from the main site don't carry over to the forums after you change them, but that's the goal - only be able to change them in one place. I'll set your new avatar for you.


    @rappo I have been able to set my main website pic and my banner pic but in the forum my avatar is still the default capitalized "D". I have tried to change on my PC and on my phone with no luck. I have tried making the file a jpeg out of Photoshop within the size allowance but still no luck. Thoughts?

  • @DarthPungz I've set your avatar for you now


    @rappo Thank you sir! Much appreciated!

  • @rappo Can you change mine to please?

  • @Akila_Reigns Yep, yours has been updated as well

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