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[SCRIPT] CEO + VIP WORK For Storymode

  • I think that having this option in storymode would be awesome, great way to make money (Maybe change the amount of money earned). Personally I have enjoyed the CEO + VIP work in online and think it would be a great mod for story mode!

  • @dyverze In all honesty, your comment doesn't help...

    • Yacht Deluxe seemed impossible, yet....... happened.

    • At the time, so did Single-player Apartments seemed impossible. All of them? No way, yet......... happened.

    • Single-player garages seemed impossible, yet..... happened.

    I'd rather be optimistic. Maybe not all will come to life, but some obvious things can be implemented like buying MAZE BANK and the warehouses, etc.

  • @Hyper-Droid @jordanjy Being worked on by @ImNotMentaL

  • @Elope Yeah I saw him mention that. Thanks Elope! :)

  • Locking this thread since a request for this already exists.
    Please use the search function the next time and bump that thread.

    I believe @ImNotMentaL is already working on this, anyways.

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