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GTA Online update today... Is it safe to download??

  • This is the third update I've seen since getting GTA V for the PC. The first two times I didn't prepare, I didn't have it properly backed up nor was I in "offline mode".

    So I was well prepared this time.. But I'm noticing something, not one single post regarding scripthook not working or anything else that was messed up due to the update today. I haven't seen a single mention about it...

    So... Is it safe to download?? Its weird that its so quiet, lol, usually the moderators have to shut down the message thread because the whining and panicked are a little much.



    @vendetta1969 This is only an adversary mode that was released today via tunables so not actually an update.

  • Awesome, thanks!

  • How you put mods on you account

  • @picluispicmanluis you cant add mods to GTA online and if you are talking about adding mods to xbox or ps4 simple solution get something better and buy a PC.

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