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[WEAPON] Machine Pistol Reload animation on Pistol For Mauser Pistol Model

  • Hey guys i'm looking to port over the Mauser from Dayz into GTA and the reload animation from the Machine Pistol would be great on it so if anyone can help me replace the reload animations from the meta files I would appreciate it!

  • I can do it :)

  • @Kaai210 Unfortunately when changing the animation to the machine pistol it will cause the top of the weapon to glitch out. Now you can replace the machine pistol and I can make it semi-automatic. That would be the only way without glitches.

  • @State_of_Mind Only issue I thought about when switching the machine pistol is the hammer of the gun wouldn't be animated.

  • @Kaai210 Oh yes I forgot about that. Maybe I can do something to manipulate the pistol to stay together when fired.

  • @State_of_Mind I was thinking that but I might just scrap it but I wanted to make a m40 sniper rifle but the way you hold the weapon your hand will clip through the grip. Is there a way you can take the musket movement clipset (the way you hold it) to change it to the sniper rifle? I mainly want one to port the kar98 from DayZ but holding it would look weird.

  • The problem with that is the character's hand will no longer touch the bolt, it will still animate after firing however.

  • Rip mauser best pistol 2016, guess i'll use it in BF1

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