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[weapon/ammo] Ammo tracer for blaster kind weapon

  • Well, Idk if that possible but I rembember a gta sa mod that was changing the ammo type to make it look like blaster shot ( red/green/blue tracer on bullet) ( with ricochet if possible )

    It was a pretty fun mod and I was hoping someone could release a such thing on gta V at least for the tracer ( i know there is blaster mod but they shot normal ammo ;s) ( ricochet would be cool too but idk if that even possible in gtaV)

    here an exemple ( not the one I remember but show the idea )

  • @Shaezbreizh Up, could be usefull for space theft mod too ;P
    Menyoo already have a " tracer " thing ( but corona is ugly) so i guess it more or less possible

  • Ooh, this would be fun. A top priority mod for me, I'll see what somebody will have to do and reach out to people who can make it.

  • Currently with menyoo there is already a " tracer " that place a rocket with a tracer on bullet but the corona is a bit weird. So it's possible i guess

  • This post is deleted!

  • up , pls could be so cool.
    I saw flash mod got tracer back the player.
    Would be cool to get same kind of tracer on bullet

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