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GTA V offline modding causing online bans?

  • Probably the wrong place to post this question(not sure where to post new on site), Anyway I haven't played gta v in about six months (received a two week ban for cheating online) I how ever have no intention of doing that again got the fright of my life, my question however is that if I mod my offline game will it affect my online status( lots of people claiming that they got banned from online thanks to offline mods). Please help from a modder side point of view I really don't want to add another ban to my online status.

  • If you have the Steam version, then all you need to make sure of is that you never go into Online.
    You can, however, add some saftey checks.

    One of these you can create by creating a new text file called "commandline" in your GTA V folder and inputting the following into it:
    It signs you in as offline, so you don't connect to Social Club.

    Another good thing to do is to copy your GTA V folder so you have two copies.
    One for regular play, so that you can play Online or clean singleplayer whenever you want. (No mods)
    And one just for mods, no Online.

  • @GTATerminal Thanks for the advice, got the game on disk though so shouldn't have any steam problems.

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