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Redux interfering with flash mod

  • I recently downloaded redux its great and all, however when i run faster than the normal speed the screen effect is not there anymore. This also happens with spiderman mod when i turn on the spider sense the red screen effect is missing. Is there a certain file that changes these effects?

  • Timecyclemods1-4

  • @ismailmoustafa0802 It's either the enb or graphical modifications. I actually hate the screen effect. I am so glad it's gone with redux.

  • @ismailmoustafa0802 Redux altered them and its files, solution: Choice to uninstall between cool and nice hero mods and a "graphics enhancer" stolen from the hard work of a lot of honest modders.

  • btw i already answered him
    timecyclemods1 , 2 , 3 and 4 are responsible for screen effects such as DOF , Tints and stuff

  • timecycle_mods_1 is responsible for the Motion Blur when driving fast eg

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