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[SCRIPT] [PLAYER] Bulletproof-mod.

  • Hey, I wonder if its hard to create a script/mod to have the character deflect bullets? With this I mean that the bullets would bounce off after hitting the player. Like you'd shoot a armored car.

  • Would be cool

  • This is an awesome idea hopefully it would come to life soon.


    The Superman mod by JulioNIB has this feature iirc. Maybe someone can figure out how it is done.

  • @ragemete @stillhere Are props (some kitchen metal objects not keeps visual impact holes) with metal collider attached to the ped body and was set the alpha to 0 || entity.isVisible = false; . Is the same method with Hulkbuster and Ironman MarkIII armors. Just exists an issue, the props attached to torso and pelvis covers the root and chest bones (visibility in them is essential to be detected by other peds), obstructing visual range of cops and enemies and they can't see the player. That needs extra scripting to make cops/enemies to detect the player position and shoot him.


    @Rarefacer I thought so, I ran into the same issue with invisible shields covering the shield weapon in the Captain America mod. I didn't know which bones were essential though. Is there perhaps a model flag that can make a prop be recognized as see-through?

  • @stillhere Well, I not tested too much this feature and I not founded any function/flag to allow see-through solid collisions. Maybe can be created a prop with see-through mixed with bullet proof features using any glass collision.

  • hopefully, someone actually makes this... it annoys me when i put on a ped that has armor and blood comes out lol

  • @ismailmoustafa0802 SWAT ped can resists more damage on his torso and offer a FX bullet proof effect. If the modder just creates peds with armor vests and not apply this feature, is just a half mod, not funny, not finished, not worths for a belical experience.

  • Shameless bump. I need this, we need this

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