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Zmodeler 3 Ped Question.

  • Guys, I have an issue with Zmodeler regarding lining up a model with the GTA V ig_bankman model. In @Quechus13's rigging how-to-- which has been tremendously helpful-- he shows fitting the new model's hands within the GTA V model. Lining them up as it were. But what if, by lining those hands together almost perfectly, it distorts the new model-- will it affect the ped in-game? I have a lady who should be shorter than ig_bankman, so I can't get her hands to line up with his. If I do, I have to make her extremely lanky or have her hovering off the ground. Do the hands have to perfectly align for this to work, or should I leave her lanky? Thanks, guys. @TheMadBreaker, @jr59, @Barak101, @Spud, @MAESTRE, and @ any one who can help.

  • @BatKnight If I remember correctly, you can edit bones with ZM3. Why not use it to adjust the height?

  • @AHK1221
    Thank you for your reply. The truth is I am SLOW at learning this-- I mean, even rigging the model has been daunting (...but it's been worth every minute). Imagine someone with a learning disability is slammed in the head with a baseball bat-- that's how slow I am. LOL. You're right, of course, it's just that I don't know if I am going to pick up on anything beyond rigging very well. Again, thank you for your time.

  • Anything, guys? A link to a tutorial or video? Someone has to have a HANDY solution to my hand problem. @AHK1221 provided one such means, and again, appreciate his reply, but I'm a bit of a Noobian and don't know how adjust bones in ZM3.

  • @S2Drezza -- From one smartass to another, I applaud you and your selection.

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