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Unspoon stuffz?

  • I have totally removed Map Editor (and this time for good). So, using Menyoo spooner maps now (which load 100x faster).

    Question, though, how do you unload the maps? The whole 'placement' thing feels a bit counter-intuitive; why, not the placement part itself, but the fact that it places maps on top of each other if you place one again, for instance (instead of wiping the previous one first). I tried erasing stuff by radius, but that didn't work on the batman cave, nor on a huge race track I had spawned.

    Would be nice if Menyoo could actually use the same map.xml to unload the map, instead of loading it.

  • @Dekurwinator said in Unspoon stuffz?:

    @meimeiriver Menage Entity Database>Removal and select what you want to remove besides before you load map check box "Delete Database Entities" it will delete old map and load new one

    Ah, thx! :) I never really understood what that DB stuff was all about (I figured it was just some sort of proprietary map loading).

    P.S. You appear to be quite helpful of late. :)

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