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Script for dictating Vehicle Spawn Locations

  • We have I'm Not Mental's Persistence mod which allows vehicles to be saved and loaded at specific coordinates.

    What we do not have is a mod to specify vehicles to spawn in various locations, with more advanced .ini configuration to specify what vehicles spawns where, and to allow settings that would spawn a single vehicle model, with defined Extras, Liveries, and Vehicle Modkits. Imagine you wanted a specific vehicle to spawn at XYZ Coordinates between 12am and 1am, with a chance measured in percentage the likelihood of the vehicle spawning. Then to be able to set more than one vehicle from a range of different vehicles to spawn at random, each vehicle having a different tweakable percentage of spawning.

    Example. I could set a Infernus to spawn at XYZ at 12am-1am with the spawn probability of 30%. For that same location another vehicle could be spawned instead of the Infernus with a spawn probability of 70%. There would need to be some scripting involved because you don't want it to spawn an Infernus and then also spawn another vehicle in the same spot. SO there would need to be something that chooses which vehicle to spawn at that location based on their spawn probability/rate but only one vehicle of the two that are in the spawnGroup.

  • This would be pretty sick.

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