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  • Is there any way to get a seat adjustment mod? I find it difficult to drive some cars in first person due to the car models not always matching up with the dash or windshield. I often find myself holding the duck button whilst driving. for instance the 9F i feel is too high up not a comfy ride. If no seat adjustment is it possible to get a mod where u can toggle the duck button [A]. Really want to see this come to fruition. Thanks guys!

  • @Frazzlee can u show me what to look for?

  • @Frazzlee Cheers! I'll give this a try.

  • If that doesn't work the look for the car you want (like the ninef) then in that category look for PovCameraSeat you should see x and some numbers y and some numbers and z and some numbers
    X is too move it either left or right
    Y is to move the seat front or back the higher the y the more farther back you are
    Z is to go up or down the lower the z the more lower you sit in first person view
    P.S It's best if you do it this way to make yourself invisible cause it kind of messes up your hand position and you can see your body hope I helped :)

  • @Venom i'm always invisible lol! Thanks

  • @Venom also is this in vehicles.meta or handling?

  • Vehicles.meta

  • And for the cars in x64e use the vehicles.meta in update/update

  • And I made a mistake it isn't POVCameraSeat it's PovCameraOffSet

  • @Frazzlee hey buddy thnx it works for me can u please tell me for suspension too ? as many of cars i wanted to make smooth suspension and also some of them cars are getting over turn and it got flip .

    which values should i change please help ....

    sorry for ma bad english

  • @Venom hi bro can u please help for value for smooth suspension and some vehicles are getting over turn and flip/roll over ...can u please temme which value should i change ? to get handling like dilettante ? i did it like dilettante but some of the values are getting confused me pls help

    sorry for my bad english

  • @sagar24x7 sry dude I have no idea about anything that deals with handling in gta v hope what frazzle suggested helps you out c:

  • thanks guys!! drivings a lot more rewarding.

  • @Frazzlee Thanx bro.....

  • Locking this since @Frazzlee seems to have helped you out.

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