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More Female add on/replace peds

  • I want to know will there be anymore female add on/replace peds coming out anytime soon I personally think we have enough super hero"s and Spider-man and super man peds its getting to bland here and repetitive lol I know I know I have been waiting patiently for another black female ped hell I was wondering if someone would make a police female ped with black,white,mexican to replace the bland female PD officers lol but ya in general when will we see more female peds?

  • @TR71777 -- My friend, I'm busy learning the ropes, but there are some new peds coming-- sistas. Three of them-- one being Lil' Kim from Def Jam. But learnin' is sometimes difficult for an old dog. :)

  • @BatKnight holy shit bro how did you get little kim? lol

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