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[VEHICLE] [REQUEST] Unsual Emergency Vehicles

  • Hey folks :wave:

    It would be awesome, if somebody can mod some of these unsual, rare Emergency Vehicles!
    And except of the Twizy all these Cars aren't available yet for GTA V as normal stock cars. This should be chanced soon ;) What do you mean?

    • Renault Twizy (based on the mod from @EvertW)
      For this model it'd be great if it gets a Whelen Justice or Hänsch DBS4000 Lightbar
      alt textalt textalt textalt text

    • Smart Fortwo
      This one is the all-new Smart Fortwo (maybe as a police car and a Follow Me-Car?!) and is used f.e. in New York (NYPD). This one should become the same Lightbar as the Twizy.
      alt textalt textalt textalt text

    • BMW i3
      Lightbar used here is the "Hella RTK 7"
      alt textalt textalt textalt texthttps://ecomento.tv/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/BMW-i3-Sonderfahrzeug-Polizei-Feuerwehr-Rettungsdienst-6.jpgalt text

    • Tesla Model S LAPD
      alt textalt text

    • Golf Cart Campus Police
      alt text

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