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  • I'll explain what this mod is about.

    This mod is like GTA Online's Survival mode and COD MW3 put together, to be honest.

    How it works is you go around the map and see little icons, which is the same one from online when you want to play survival. When you go to it, it gives you a key. Press, for example key A to do the survival mod. Now, this can be modified within a file which gives you options to modify enemies health and spawn rate for Helicopters and Juggernauts.

    Key hint, the Juggernauts do get stronger each wave, but their max armor is 1000. Normal Armor is 200, so if a player holds heavy Armor, they have 400 health. So the Juggernauts will have nearly 500 health, and 1000 armor. Helicopters comes in different varieties. Early waves for example, 6th wave, is 2 normal Buzzard with no weaponary kit. Highest level for helicopter spawns is Valkyrie.

    Now, then the weapons. You don't pick them up. Instead, you buy them with your game money. There are 3 kinds of weaponary equipment. Explosive, Guns, and Squads. Explosive are, like their name, buy explosive weapons. Guns, same way. So it's squads, there are different squads that comes in 6 soliders each. Police, SWAT, and Army. Police will spawn in with Shotguns. SWAT will spawn in with Carbine Rifle. Army will spawn in with Special Carbine. However, rare chance a Army solider will be equipped with a MG. Max is 6 soliders.

    Prices for guns goes by how powerful the gun is. the Highest price for a gun is lower than $10000, and weakest is $1500.
    Ammo can be refilled with $1000.

    Enemies do drop weapons and cash. But cash is at value between 125 - 200. It's rare to obtain 200 for killing certain enemies. Enemies, however, gets stronger by 2.5% per wave. Max armor has to be 250, so their health is 125. Are there dogs? Nope. I do not want dogs in this mod.

    Let's talk settings.

    Settings allows you to modify things, like I said, there is a file that will allow you to. You can modify spawn rates, the amount of money dropped per/ enemy, Juggernaut spawn rate, Helicopter spawn rate, and you can also modify the amount of armor you have once spawned. The armor part also counts to health. You can change the amount of Juggernauts that will spawn. Max is 4, so if it's a high wave like 80, then 4 Juggernauts will appear. Now, there is also a option to change the amount of time it takes to re-arm.

    Now for areas to where Survival mode can take place. There are 15 icons around the map, and yes, there should be a survival for the Military Base as well. Some icons are at areas where you normally see in Online. So far, this mod will take a while to make and put out.

    What happens if you die? You'll receive money once you respawn. Wave 1 death will give you $500. So if you get to wave 100 and then die , then you will get $50,000. Simple.

    So what do you people think? Should there be a mod like this? Post your opinion.

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