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[SCRIPT] NPC Target Practice

  • Hello forums,,

    I'd like to request a mod to help lonely players practice pvp, though with NPCs.
    I'm mostly a sniper on GTA Online, but I find myself frequently spending more time looking for players to pvp with than actually doing it. I particularly don't like disrupting other players' export/cargo jobs, nor do I enjoy killing players who are just minding their own business. So, it's not as easy for me to start a pvp match as it should be.

    The mod idea is simple: A SP script who would make npcs point a weapon at the player and keep strafing fast left and right in a random pattern; just like actual players. That should make them hard enough to hit, thus, accomplishing the objective of the mod.
    Additional ideas are always welcome, like making them actually shoot at you (though the AI accuracy is ridiculous in GTA); toggleable functions, etc.

    Thanks for reading,

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