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Where are the entities saved at?

  • Hello,
    I'm currently trying to retexture the jetski ramps in the ocean next to the Santamonica Pier. I searched all the files but couldn't find it, but now I have an idea why. Maybe the models that can move ingame, like buoy in the water, volleyballs, cans etc.
    Is there any known path where these files are saved? I really need the files...

  • @BannDesigns There has been a recent mod that changed these ramps "Sprunk to Sprite" I think it's called. I find the easiest way is to download a mod that does the same thing you want to do and check the filenames. When you know the names of the files, simply search for them in OpenIV.

  • This mod is by me haha :D It actually changes the solid ramps, but I can't find the files from the ramps in the water. I need it for the mod :/

  • @BannDesigns Oops, sorry. :blush:

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