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I need help with some math.....

  • @LeeC2202 Yeah, once I took a closer look on the code I found out.


  • @AHK1221 You're welcome.

    If you do use the ElapsedTime method, it's an idea to do LastGameTime = CurrentGameTime; when you trigger it so you don't get a delay for the first run through.

    Using Game.GameTime is probably better... and is a good example of how stupid I can be sometimes. I use ElapsedTime and then in the function being called, I usually divide it by 1000 to get me a multiplier that is identical to what Game.GameTime does. :blush:

    I didn't know that function existed though at first, so I just wrote things the only way I knew how. Does the same thing, just uses an extra command to get there.

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