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[HELP]R* want to redownload near 30 GB

  • Hi guys, i was playing to GTA V yesterday normally then i installed some mods during the night and playing well then now, when i launch GTA my launcher want to download near 30GB ... I don't know why because i didn't install mods after i stop to play yesterday night. I try to do in a CMD GTAVLauncher.exe -verify but that change anything ... Do i have to download once again ?

  • @IsatiX That sounds like you have modded the original game files... are you using a mods folder?

  • Yes i'm using them and always install mods into mods folder. I have the car pack collection mod, the name displayer for this one and real damage on vehicule installed but i got them yesterday and were working fine (launched cuples times GTA).
    Also, i have two copies of GTA one modded and one not and even in the orginal, i have to redownload files :/

  • @IsatiX Are you sure that when you installed the last mods, OpenIV didn't install them into the one that isn't modded?

    If you are using the two-folder system, it is very easy to have the wrong folder active and that will mean that OpenIV will install into the game files, if the unmodded one doesn't have a mods folder.

    However, that can be easily solved because your modded version should have a perfectly clean set of original files if it has a mods folder. So copy the game files from that version into your unmodded version.

  • @LeeC2202 I gonna try it, and come back to you but each time i install mods i make sure i'm using the good folder of R* and installing mods into mods folder but i can have make a mistake

  • Mistakes can always happen
    I remember installing I think Niko mod and i replaced trevor with niko
    And i installed it to original x64v and i had to redownload...

  • I think i have my issue, I don't know why but it's looks like my original folder of my modded version has been deleted for no reason i know yet ^^ I copy files from original into my modded version and i will see if i have to download again ^^

  • Ok it was that ! ^^ So it's resolved thank you all :)

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