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How to play GTA online while mods installed?

  • I want to mod GTA V Story but also want to play online. Can I create another user on windows and use steam version GTA V for modding? How do I prevent my self from getting ban by Rockstar? I'm new here.

  • Either copy your folder and rename it to eg GTAV1 and change names when you want to play online
    or just simply remove the dinput8.dll and restore it when you play singleplayer

  • @HeySlickThatsMe When I try to copy and paste it in the same folder and launch it through GTAVLauncher it says that it wasn't launched through the steam client please help.

  • @buff_mac466 use GTA5.exe istnead

  • Just delete ScriptHook.dll and dinput8.dll before going online and you will not get banned in GTA:O

  • I usually just rename dinput8.dll to dinput8.dll_. Works and you don't have to delete anything.

  • Try this method : use OpenIV "mods" folder make a folder called "mods" inside GTA 5 folder copy the file which you want to modify eg "common.rpf" and paste it in mods folder now to install mods use the common.rpf inside "mods" folder to play online move that "mods" folder to desktop or any other folder now to play story mode with mods put it back to GTA 5 folder i hope this helped if you need more help just post over here i'll be ready to help.

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