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Kid mod

  • Gonna keep trying to get this to happe on listen I know there's problems with having kids in gta but so what, there mods that allow gta character to rape female characters online but, when someone says adds kids to the game it's going to far, im just looking to use them in my rockstar movies first on the list E.T so can someone make a mod to a put kids into gta 5, I was thinking so you don't have to make the whole peds from scratch. Find a way to import the kid model's from bully or another game, is this possible?

  • @Tommacy18 You'd have to make your own skeleton.
    Make your own animations.
    Make your own models.
    Map/texture said assets.
    It would be beyond difficult and without .ymt editing nay impossible.

  • No need for a duplicate thread - you already have on in the Requests category.

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