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Problem with DLCpacks!!!!

  • Hii!!!, well im not a professional here but i know some

    Im using add-ons cars, so im creating a lot of dlcpacks folder`s and i already download the gameconfig.xml for 100+ cars, so it dont crash when its start

    But, im using 100 lines right now in my dlclist.xml

    So i try to add a new one, when i start the game its all good, it doesnt crash, but when im inside the game, all the dlc packs just dessapeared,

    then i erased the last dlcpack and all the packs appeared

    Whats that problem?

    Sorry for my english, i speak spanish


  • @HallMD My guess would be an error in the last line you added to dlclist.xml.

    To make sure, copy an existing line and then change the name of the dlcpack in that copied line, to the name of the dlcpack you are trying to add.

    It could be something as simple as the opening tag saying <item> and the closing tag saying </Item>, which although they look the same, they don't match as far as XML is concerned. If you copy an existing line, that should work fine.

  • @LeeC2202 Thank you i will try! :D

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