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60s/70s traffic mod

  • Hi,
    I want to have all the traffic in GTA V to be 70s cars and older. I have two options to do this.

    There is already a 70s traffic mod which removes all GTA modern cars after 1979.

    The only problem I have with this mod is that the variety is too small, I see many times the same cars everywhere. So my question for the first option. Could someone edit the mod and add more modern cars which you see most of the time on the street, so I can replace those with real car mods from the 60s/70s.

    Second option,
    Can anyone make a car pack with cars from the 70s and older.

    I think option one is the best because GTA V itself has already many fiction 60s/70s cars but its not enough to fill the streets.


  • take replace models for other cars and rename them so you can install it for a car you want. Example: you see a great 64 mustang and you wanna replace it. But its just for the stallion and you got another car for the stallion. So rename the files and replace the asea, comet or whatever.

    And i'm looking for oldtimers too so maybe i create a pack (if i got time for it)

  • I already started with replacing cars. I added in-game the Primo, but the car mod I found wasn't a replace for the Primo, so I changed it to the Primo, but when I added the files it didn't change the Primo in the game. Why?

    If you need any help by finding cars for a 60s/70s car pack I can help.

  • @PatrickBateman Replacing every car with mod cars is not a good idea. You will lose FPS even if you have a monster gaming PC.

  • I already noticed it, damn. The good thing about that 70s traffic mod is that all cars from 1979 or older are all in-game GTA V vehicles, but the problem is is that the variety is too small so I want to add a few real 60s/70s car mods.

  • @PatrickBateman

    That thing makes your job very easy, take a look

  • Thanks dude.

  • Btw, another question.
    So I use this 70s traffic mod, but the bad thing is that most car mods I want are replacing those GTA 'in-game' 70s cars, but I don't want that. Other wise it does not make sense that I replace a 70s car for a 70s car.

    Is it ok if I change the mod car names so I can replace 'in-game' modern cars?

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