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No collision vehicle glass? How to fix?

  • So I've been editing a GTAV base game vehicle in Zmodeler. I re-import into the game and it works fine, except there is no glass collision. I can shoot through the glass and when I crash nothing happens.

    I think I'm importing something incorrectly in Zmodeler.

    I'll use the Washington as an example of how I'm working

    • OpenIV and drag the 4 vehicles files ('washington.yft' 'washington_hi.yft' 'washington.ytd' 'washington+hi.ytd')
    • Open Zmodeler and Import, shows 'washington.ytf' and 'washington_hi.yft'. I import the '_hi.ytf'
    • Work on the vehicle and export it as 'washington_hi.yft'. Also save a version 'washington.yft'.

    Read that the glass collision data is held in the '.yft' and not the '_hi.yft'. Could it be because I'm only importing the '_hi.yft' that I'm not getting any glass collision data?

    Any help appreciated

  • @glennoconnell That's pretty weird, AFAIK glass crash data is in the _hi file so you're right importing the _hi version. Can you show how the hierarchy looks like?

  • @AHK1221 alt text

    I literally import the hi model, make my changes and export hi and non-hi. Don't touch the hierarchy (I don't think)

  • @glennoconnell It looks fine... what is the problem exactly? If the cols dont show up you need to press the COL button next to the L0, L1, L2, L3, and L4 buttons.

  • @glennoconnell You have to import both .yfts in ZModeler, the glass will work as usual.

    I can give you some tips about the same size yfts:

    • If you replace the normal .yft with _hi.yft, the LODs (Level of Detail) will not appear if you are far from the vehicle, the only way to solve this is to import both .yfts at the same time, including the _hi.yft, if you're finished modifying a vehicle, you have to edit the L1-L4 models, it will make your vehicle look the same as the L0 model from the distance as long you edited them to look like their L0 counterparts. LODs are required for almost games, if there is a vehicle with no LODs, that means the vehicle is broken/unfinished, so you have to implement LODs on your vehicle if you don't want bugs on it.
    • Just reminding you again, you have to import both yfts (normal and _hi) or your vehicle will have bugs like non-breaking glass or no LODs, this is the only advice that I can give to you, just be careful, you must know what are you doing.

  • @TheF3nt0n Ah, okay maybe that's where I'm going wrong. When I select both the hi and regular yft's to import, which option check boxes should be checked? (slice to parts, reuse materials, combine collision, combine with existing).

    I've imported both yfts and when I make a change in L0, the change does not carry across to L1, L2, L3, L4 etc. Do I have to manually make changes for each level? Or have I made a mistake somewhere

  • @AHK1221 In game, the body of the vehicle has collision, so that's working fine. The glass appears on the vehicle (I can tint it) but when I shoot or crash the vehicle, the glass just remains in tact, bullets pass through. I'll do a complete step by step of everything I've done if I can't find a solution.

  • @glennoconnell You have to make changes for each level, at least for the regular .yft, _hi.yft isn't needed as it doesn't have L1-L4 LODs

    When you're going to edit something, you have to check several boxes which you want to edit from both yfts, this will save time to edit the model.

  • @TheF3nt0n Okay, that's annoying that it doesn't automatically change it for you.

    In the hierarchy I'm just getting one item, I guess it's combined the hi and regular yft together. Is it supposed to be one item or two separate items?

    Any tutorials you recommend?

  • @glennoconnell Try this method, make sure it looks like this:

  • @TheF3nt0n Got it! Two separate items now.

    So for example, I want to change one area of the bodyshell from Paint:2 to Paint:1.

    I have to change the area of paint on the regular yft (L0 - L4) and then change the same area of paint on the hi yft?

  • @glennoconnell Yeah, that's what you must do.

  • @TheF3nt0n Okay thanks! A lot of work to do, shame there isn't a quicker way.

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