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New GameConfig.xml yet still crashes after 25 addon cars???

  • I have been trying for months to find a solution to this problem. Here is what i have tried:

    Vanilla install Add one car at a time
    Deleted Mod folder and tried with game files
    5 different GameConfigs
    Updated drivers
    Defraged whole system

    Plus much more but still crashes after too many add ons yet the gameconfig says 100% 300+ cars ??

    any other solutions?

  • @cdo_alex Time to start combining addons into packs instead of adding them individually. That should enable you to have a lot more addons in your game.

  • @LeeC2202 Okay Thanks I have thought about this but it is VERY time consuming but if it is the only way then I will have to start. Any good tutorials or tools to do this?

  • @cdo_alex No tools unfortunately but if you read through this tutorial, specifically the bit marked Create your own add-on vehicles pack, that should get you started.

    Once you get your current vehicles merged, it only takes a few minutes to merge a new addon into the pack.


    I also added some more visual information here, which might help as well. https://forums.gta5-mods.com/topic/9281/request-could-someone-make-a-video-on-how-to-combine-mods-into-1-file/9


    Maybe I gotta ask @kizacudo how far he can stretch it on the latest patch... would be nice to finally migrate and reap some benefits from that.
    But I want all my dlcpacks to migrate too...

    @cdo_alex read up on those threads. You can pack a lot of cars into several bigger dlcpacks easily.
    You just have to learn the hierarchy of the dlc.rpf and what makes the meta-files tick. And don't make too many typos ;)
    Just make sure to keep them under ~ 4GB and ask questions when you're having problems in the tutorial thread.
    Good Luck!

  • @LeeC2202 Thanks I'll give this a go tomorrow then and hopefully will get rid of the Dreaded startup crash once and for all :)

  • Thanks @ReNNie Typo's are a big one haha one wrong letter or '>' Can bring the whole thing to a crash which has led me to download the whole thing twice lol.. will give it a shot tomorrow.

  • @ReNNie Well, more cars as add-on's, less dlc's in dlclist. My last RockStar DLC in dlclist for maximum number of add-on cars is mpApartments, and I didn't replaced any car after that DLC. Last patchday is number 4, because there is no need for them with real cars. I also replaced cars in later patchays for use with full dlclist to show in game. So by that stripped dlclist and insane gameconfig, I managed to get over 1450 add-on cars in just 17x2GB car packs. Of course I have another full dlclist with all DLC's and my last few car packs for testing and full using of modkit parts. After 270 modkits, they work randomly.

  • Hey man, consider yourself lucky... I could only handle maybe 6...

  • @cdo_alex @LeeC2202 I can't even get 1 car onto my game. I get told invalid file. Cdo's complaint sounded similar, honestly.


    You can stop tagging Lee :/

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