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[SCRIPT][REL] Add-on spawner


    Hullo! I've been messing around this afternoon to make an add-on vehicle spawner.


    This wouldn't have been possible without SHVDN code to find all vehicle hashes in the game pool, by zorg93/drp4lyf.

    No configuration needed, just load it up, press the hotkey (F5) and spawn your add-on vehicle. They are separated by vehicle class, but all vehicles should be present. All base game + official DLC have been filtered out. This does not find any "replace" vehicle mods, just add-ons.

    Source code

    Full credits to the ScriptHookVDotNet team for this one wherever applicable


    Quick fix:



    No config changes.

    • Use formatted vehicle names
    • Persistent "Spawn in car" option
    • Fix cinematic cam not showing after menu exit


    Fixed a couple of things that bugged me.



    • Fix spawn by name not accepting underscores (type "-" for "_" now)
    • Calculate spawn positions with vehicle width

    I haven't had any issues with disappearing vehicles or vehicles not showing up properly (after 1.0.3), though some people had. If anybody's suffering from this, can they get back or post here? I've asked in the mod page if the car is spawnable at all, or if it's installed right, but I never got an answer.


    Does anybody even read these things?

    Anyway - rant time!

    Right, so you've probably come across a bunch of weird add-on vehicles if you used this mod (or Mafin's Menyoo), with the names not showing up right.

    Note that you need to spawn it with "modelName" manually in trainers, since that thing is hashed by the game and used for spawning. Turns out modelName can't be simply restored from any data. What the game does return is the Display Name, which is what's in <gameName>bla</gameName> in vehicles.meta.

    Sadly, many add-ons have mangled or non-edited lines here. Case in point, here's my collection of add-ons:

    [01:23:32.213] GTAVAddonSpawner v1.0.5
    [01:23:32.213] Game version VER_1_0_1032_1_STEAM
    [01:23:32.213] Script registered
    [01:23:32.213] dlcpacks scan success: 52 folders
    [01:23:33.193] Script started
    [01:23:33.193] Loading D:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\AddonSpawner\settings_general.ini
    [01:23:33.193] Loading D:\Games\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\AddonSpawner\settings_menu.ini
    [01:23:33.194] Settings read
    [01:23:33.194] Initialization finished
    [01:23:33.907] Hash        Class               Display name        Model name          GXT name            
    [01:23:33.907] 0x8DACA422  Sports              BN240               NOTFOUND            240sx BN Sports III 
    [01:23:33.907] 0xEEE9B463  Sports              SCHWARZER2          NOTFOUND            6STR Benefactor Schwartzer Custom
    [01:23:33.908] 0xA6297CC8  Sports              FUTO2               NOTFOUND            6STR Karin Futo GT Custom
    [01:23:33.908] 0xD5DAD042  Compacts            AE86                ae86                AE86                
    [01:23:33.908] 0x3187A42A  Military            BARRACKS2           NOTFOUND            Barracks Semi       
    [01:23:33.908] 0xFE3BDF84  Emergency           BARRACKS2           tfft                Barracks Semi       
    [01:23:33.908] 0xC413493F  Military            BARRACKS2           NOTFOUND            Barracks Semi       
    [01:23:33.908] 0x8B5A3CF2  Commercial          BIFF                biff2               Biff                
    [01:23:33.908] 0x40E88DBB  Super               BLISTATA            blistata            Blista Compact TA   
    [01:23:33.908] 0xCB1681D5  Vans                BURRITO             burrito6            Burrito             
    [01:23:33.908] 0xDE6377E1  Compacts            CIVIC TYPE-         hctr                CIVIC TYPE-         
    [01:23:33.908] 0x5D1903F9  Sports              COMET4              NOTFOUND            Comet Retro Standard
    [01:23:33.909] 0xD20E6960  Super               DIABLO              NOTFOUND            DIABLO              
    [01:23:33.909] 0xDAD3BE71  Compacts            EP3                 ep3                 EP3                 
    [01:23:33.909] 0xCCD6FA55  Sports              ELEGY3              NOTFOUND            Elegy Drift Missile 
    [01:23:33.909] 0x699DB3F0  Emergency           ELEGYP              elegyp              Elegy Retro TMPD Special
    [01:23:33.909] 0x90775164  Sports              FUTO3               futo3               Futo JTCC           
    [01:23:33.909] 0xC6304A9C  Sports              INTEGRA             dc2                 Honda Integra Type-R
    [01:23:33.909] 0x90AA42F8  Planes              JET                 NOTFOUND            Jet                 
    [01:23:33.909] 0x91A6E9DA  Emergency           LGUARD2             NOTFOUND            LGUARD2             
    [01:23:33.909] 0x39C9FE08  Super               EVO6                evo6                Lancer Evo VI       
    [01:23:33.909] 0xA44047E5  Sports              na6                 na6                 Mazda Miata MX-5(NA6C)
    [01:23:33.909] 0xA147CFAE  Sports              FD                  fd                  Mazda RX-7(FD3S)    
    [01:23:33.910] 0xB278252B  Planes              LAZER               fa18d               P-996 LAZER         
    [01:23:33.910] 0xF58FC67   Sports              Peugeot 205         ypg205t16a          Peugeot 205         
    [01:23:33.910] 0xFF0A5BCA  Sports              Peugeot 205         ypg205t16b          Peugeot 205         
    [01:23:33.910] 0x75627C64  Super               LE7B                imsa90              RE-7B               
    [01:23:33.910] 0x6CF5072F  Commercial          ROADKILLER          roadkiller          Roadkiller          
    [01:23:33.910] 0xA1DE038A  Coupes              SENTINEL            r33                 Sentinel XS         
    [01:23:33.910] 0xF0DFD0A3  Emergency           sheriff             NOTFOUND            Sheriff Cruiser     
    [01:23:33.910] 0x5F6CD46D  Sedans              r30rsx              NOTFOUND            Skyline RS-X R30    
    [01:23:33.910] 0x7E39B694  Sports              SkylineGTR          skyline             SkylineGTR          
    [01:23:33.911] 0xA9DA270B  Sedans              STANIER             stanier2            Stanier             
    [01:23:33.911] 0x827AD84D  Sedans              STANIER             stanier3            Stanier             
    [01:23:33.911] 0xF942F377  Super               SULTANRS2           NOTFOUND            Sultan RS Ute       
    [01:23:33.911] 0xB677829F  Muscle              THUNDER             thunder             THUNDER             
    [01:23:33.911] 0x2B7009AC  Off-Road            TROPHY3             trophy3             TROPHY3             
    [01:23:33.911] 0x2F216956  Sedans              TAXI                NOTFOUND            Taxi                
    [01:23:33.911] 0xFD5E05D0  Compacts            TAXI                NOTFOUND            Taxi                
    [01:23:33.911] 0x1EA6C630  Off-Road            UPARMORHMVD         uparmorhmvdes       UPARMORHMVD         
    [01:23:33.912] 0x5C72AE24  Off-Road            UPARMORWL           NOTFOUND            UPARMORWL           
    [01:23:33.912] 0xC12E09FF  Planes              Vestra              me262               Vestra              
    [01:23:33.912] 0x29BD942   Planes              ZEKE                NOTFOUND            ZEKE                
    [01:23:33.912] 0x45B98A03  Military            abrams              NOTFOUND            abrams              
    [01:23:33.912] 0xA21FB36A  Off-Road            asrad               asrad               asrad               
    [01:23:33.912] 0xFFE4453   Sports              e36                 bmwe36              e36                 
    [01:23:33.912] 0x34E7C2    Super               fc3s                fc3s                fc3s                
    [01:23:33.912] 0x137C47B4  Off-Road            hmmwv               hmmwv               hmmwv               
    [01:23:33.912] 0x25D45CB7  Military            l2a7custom          NOTFOUND            l2a7custom          
    [01:23:33.912] 0x1AA338C9  Military            l2a7german3         NOTFOUND            l2a7german3         
    [01:23:33.913] 0x43870AC4  Military            l2a7germand         NOTFOUND            l2a7germand         
    [01:23:33.913] 0x743F6C30  Military            l2a7germanw         NOTFOUND            l2a7germanw         
    [01:23:33.913] 0x34ADC304  Military            l2a7green           NOTFOUND            l2a7green           
    [01:23:33.913] 0x9ECAD6EE  Military            l2a7khaki           NOTFOUND            l2a7khaki           
    [01:23:33.913] 0xB65BB446  Military            l2a7red             NOTFOUND            l2a7red             
    [01:23:33.913] 0xE000BB07  Military            l2a7winter          NOTFOUND            l2a7winter          
    [01:23:33.913] 0xD9D05A1F  Sports              mlex                mlex                mlex                
    [01:23:33.913] 0xC8C3F39F  Cycles              policebicyc         NOTFOUND            policebicyc         
    [01:23:33.913] 0x58EF21FE  Helicopters         shemav              NOTFOUND            shemav              
    [01:23:33.914] 0x4086C3D9  SUVs                lc100               lc100               toyota lc100        

    This Model name is actually a workaround and is resolved from matching the folder name (with up to 1 extra alphanumeric character added to the end) with the game hash, but it's obviously a dirty as hell workaround.

    What's extra bothersome is that this correct info is RIGHT below where the model name is. Take the Audi 90 quattro IMSA GTO. Here's an excerpt from the vehicles.meta in its archive:


    Note how gameName is LE7B, which is from an original car. It's just one extra line to edit, so I can't really understand why this wasn't updated when modelName, txdName and handlingId was added. At the very least it helps so much with native functions to get the display name. With some extra effort, the GXT can also be updated, but that hasn't got as much consequence as this one, where it's simply confusing after the modelName has been hashed away. So please, people, take the minimal effort to also paste your model name inside gameName.

    Anyway, here's a build that lists things so it can help with spawning things manually and backtrack your add-on mods. Because hell, I sure as hell can't know that the Vestra actually is a Messerschmitt Me 262 which is spawned with me262.

    Download pre-release

    Obviously it doesn't resolve model names with the dlcpacks name being different, but it's better than nothing at all.


    New upcoming update


    Config changes: Enabled all options by default. You can leave your old configs.

    • Add support for image previews!
    • Add modkit ID reading
    • Use image names to help figuring out model name
    • Fix unavailable DLCs showing UNKNOWNs in Compact class

    Image previews! You do need to make your own image and image loading is a bit slow if you use massive 4K PNG screenshots, so resizing to a smaller image (I recommend 480x270) and making it a JPG will help a lot.

    I made a bunch of image previews for myself, but I'm not sure if I can distribute them with my mod so I'll leave it to the authors for now. Probably I should go and contact them, eh?


    Great updates @ikt seriously hats off to you

    I'm using Lee's private Pick Your Ride script which I love to death but never got around to create screens for 1000+ add-on's. Maybe this fall/winter. Wie weet :)


    Made a bunch of changes that I'm unsure about.

    From 1.1.1 to current dev:

    • Add official DLC image previews (from in-game sprites, thanks to Unknown Modder)
    • Add option menu to choose between stuff
      • Spawn in car option moved here
      • Spawn by name option moved here
      • List all DLCs option is here
      • Merge DLCs option is here - Merges official DLCs into one list per class, like most trainers, for easy browsing
    • Move loading images from script start to menu open
      • This can lead to a small lock-up for half a second when opening the menu for the first time, when you have many custom images

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