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manual vehicle spawner not working for me

  • thanks in advance

    I have everything downloaded , openiv, scripthookv & dotnet, asi plugins, enhanced native trainer, etc..
    ive only downloaded add on cars and followed the steps correctly 100%. but when I open my game and open the trainer it keeps reading "could not find vehicle" .
    any help is much appreciated . ive been going at this for hours .

    forgot to add I'm using gta on social club launcher (not my steam version).

  • @acesmg What about the gameconfig? Have you changed it?


    @acesmg and did you replace that gameconfig.xml and did you edit the dlclist.xml both inside the update.rpf located in your mods folder?

  • yes I dragged the new config to my desktop , then replaced the old config with the new I got from this site . also yes I was dragging the dlclist.xml to my desktop, open with note pad , copy and paste the line given on each add on mod , then replaced the dlclist.xml . also drag and dropped the dlc file into a new file under mods tab as instructed . I have no idea what could be wrong . ive followed steps exactly as described in youtube vids, and instructions . I would normally be using menyoo sp but they have their menus turned off right now which sucks .
    I went through and deleted everything so I can start from scratch again .

  • I got the spawned working now. Still dealing with crashing problems after around 20 vehicles which sucks . But I'll keep messing with it. Hopefully get it to take more eventually . Well see.

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